Friday, September 23, 2011

Ashlynn turned two....and a polar bear ate her!!

Ashlynn turned two yesterday. She is a very sweet, fun and smart kid. I love this video of her and Sadie.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Brooke's a big baby

Jill took Brooke in for a check-up today. Brooke is the size of an average nine-month old. But she's only four months old. Let's ask Brooke what she thinks about that.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Brooke's Blessing

A couple of weeks ago, some of my parents, sister Stephanie, brother Casey, and nephews Kyle and Hunter came into town for Brooke's blessing. They were only here for a couple of days, but we managed to pack a lot of activities into those few days. We went to a Padre's game, buried Hunter at the beach, and had a blast at Legoland.

Funny story. The day of the blessing, Brooke had been a little fussy. As I was getting out of the church pew to take Brooke up for the blessing, Jill slipped me a pacifier. Just in case. I smoothly cupped the pacifier in my left hand so no one would notice.

A fairly large group of family members stood in the prayer circle. I held Brooke with my right hand supporting her neck and head, my left hand under her back. Everyone else in the circle put their hands under mine, and we rocked her gently up and down. As soon as I started the blessing, Brooke started to cry. Scott started immediately rocking her more quickly, almost feverishly. I paused the blessing and somehow snaked my left hand out from under from under the pile of hands and popped the pacifier into Brooke's mouth. The pacifier worked its magic immediately, and I gave the blessing. As soon as the blessing was over, I quickly removed the pacifier and held my serene, beatific child up for the congregation to admire.

Later that day, one of the missionaries came up to me and told me how powerful the blessing was. He was amazed at how I had paused and let the spirit calm Brooke down. I thought about not telling him, but I had to confess that while the spirt might have had something to do with it, I had a backup plan, just in case Brooke wasn't in tune with the spirit.

On to the pictures. They are in no particular order, because it's late, and I'm too tired to rearrange them.

Pictures from Brooke's blessing.

Proof that Kyle can, indeed, smile.

Mom and Steph at Legoland


Hunter wanted to get buried.

At the Padres' game. Sadie and Ashlynn were very excited... was Kyle

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Video dump

Since I got my android, I've been taking a lot more videos of the girls. The phone actually takes pretty decent video, and I've always got it on me, so it makes taking videos a lot easier. Here are some videos I've taken in the last month:

Sadie and Ashlynn are so sweet to Brooke. This video is of Sadie making sure Brooke is comfortable. Ashlynn does the same thing. Though with Ashlynn, I can't take videos because I have to make sure she doesn't accidentally smother Brooke.

We love taking the girls to the park. At home, they fight a lot over toys. But at the park, they usually play pretty well together.

Maybe this isn't impressive, but we were impressed that Ashlynn could swing on the big kid swing without falling off. (She's saying cheese because she thinks I'm taking a picture.)

Before Sadie's recital, Jill and Aunt Kim tried to help her practice. My favorite part of this video is probably watching Ashlynn, who knows some of the moves better than Sadie.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sadie's Recital

What a difference a year makes. The last time Sadie did a "recital," she got stage fright and didn't move the entire time. Here's the video. Even though I've posted it before, it's a family classic and worthy of another post.

This year Sadie did quite a bit better. Still, Jill and I suspect that dancing might not be Sadie's calling in life. Also, the other day, my mom asked me if Sadie was still obsessed with Thomas the Tank Engine. Well, guess what that is she hands to her teacher at the start. We didn't even know she had it. She somehow snuck it up there. Sneaky bugger. (The camera work is a bit shaky in some spots. Sorry about that.)

And here are a couple of pics of Sadie in her outfit.

Sadie or Brooke

Maybe all kids just look alike, but it seems to us that Sadie and Brooke looked quite similar when they were kids. Can you tell who is who?

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Sadie and Ashlynn dancing

These two just crack me up. If you turn up the volume, you can hear that when the music stops, they are supposed to freeze. Ashlynn, however, just puts her hands out in front of her. I have to say, I'm pretty impressed with how long Ashlynn spins before she finally falls down.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Brooke Elizabeth Proctor

Brooke Elizabeth Proctor joined our family on Tuesday, April 19, 2011. She was a healthy 8 lbs 4 ozs, our biggest child yet. The delivery went smoothly, and Brooke is a healthy and happy baby.

Unfortunately, she decided to come while her two older sisters were fighting a really nasty stomach virus. It started with Ashlynn on Saturday and hit Sadie Sunday night. Neither girl could keep anything more than a little bit of water down. After a couple of days of no food and barely any liquids, both girls were just shells of themselves. We were beginning to worry about them getting dehydrated. Fortunately, Ashlynn turned a corner on Wednesday, and Sadie started feeling better on Thursday.

Even though Brooke came home from the hospital Wednesday afternoon, we kept the girls away from her until Friday evening. Jill's mom, Ann, came over to our house about 2:00 a.m. on Tuesday morning and watched Sadie and Ashlynn until Friday evening. When we brought Brooke home from the hospital, she took the girls to her house for a couple of days until we were sure they were better. Sadie and Ashlynn are back to their old selves again, and they were finally able to meet Brooke on Friday.

For those of you who live near us, you know how much Jill and I rely on Ann. But she really went above-and-beyond this time. Sadie and Ashlynn were in bad shape when Jill started going into labor Monday night. If you gave them more than a couple of sips of water, they would throw it up in 5 minutes. Ann came to our house, nursed our girls back to health all week, probably got only about 8 hours of sleep for herself last week, and also had our house professionally cleaned so that we wouldn't have to bring Brooke home to a petri dish. Thank you, Ann. You are amazing.

Here are some pictures of Brooke and the rest of the family.

Right after she was born.

First time Brooke opened her eyes.

Proud papa.

Beautiful mama.

Ashlynn is excited about her new baby sister.

Sadie playing with the new gift that Brooke brought her.

Ashlynn playing with her new doll from Brooke.

Monday, April 11, 2011

ring around the rosie at the beach

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They've got the "all fall down" part down pat.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

"so cute!"

Sadie really enjoyed organizing baby clothes with grammy.
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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Ashlynn's First Steps

Even though this is six or seven months old, I still deem it worthy of the Blog. Enjoy.


Lately, Sadie has been coming up with some pretty creative ways of stalling when it's time to go to bed. Tonight, she said she needed to line up all of her trains on the track. Curious, I indulged her. She has quite a few trains. (They go all the way around the track.) This Thomas phase has been going strong for nearly a year. I wonder how long it will last.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My favorite video of Ashlynn

I love this video of Ashlynn. If you're wondering what kind of kid she is, this will give you a pretty good insight into her personality. She's got a great laugh, is fun, energetic, happy, a little pushy, maybe a bit of a bruiser, and a cuddler. She's also slightly obsessed with her tummy, probably because we are all slightly obsessed with that little pillsbury-dough girl tummy of hers.