Sunday, November 7, 2010

Random pictures

I've been pretty lazy about updating the blog, so here are a bunch of random pictures to show how the girls have been growing.

Ashlynn turned one a couple of months ago. I didn't really get any picures from her b-day, so she's stuck with this flattering pic of her going to town on some ice-cream cake.

Ashlynn is our very blonde, blue-eyed, gap-toothed baby. She's been walking since she was 10 months old (currently 13 months) and recently mastered the point-and-grunt language. It's incredible how effectively she communicates using this technique. Ashlynn is a climber. She is also a squealer, a cuddler, and good copy-catter. She likes to share her food and to push toy strollers.

Sadie is still obsessed with trains and (to an only slightly lesser extent) her neighbor Jay.

Sadie is also very fond of her babysitter, Katrina, but I don't have any pics of Katrina. It's a little sad, but Sadie would much rather sit with Katrina at church than with her parents. Actually, it was a little sad the first week. Now, it's kind of nice.
Sadie is (for the most part) a delight. She loves her little sister and let's Ashlynn play with her toys, as long as Ashlynn doesn't try to play with Sadie's favorites. She started pre-school this fall (the next pic is her first day), and she recently graduated from her toddler bed to a big-girl bed. This was a big deal. I still think she's too cute for her own good, but she's started whining more, which helps negate some of the cute factor. But she doesn't whine that much and there's just too much darned cuteness to negate.

I think the two of them are going to give me a lot of heartburn when they get older.