Monday, March 15, 2010

We're baaack...

Only two weeks behind schedule. Not too bad considering all the last-minute changes we made. The back yard is still a disaster, but at least we were able to move back in this weekend. Thank you, thank you Ann and Scott for letting us stay with you the past four months. I hope you know how much we appreciate everything you do for us. Especially you, Ann. I don't know what we would do without you.

Time to play more catch-up from the holidays.

Between Christmas and New Year's we spent some time in Idyllwild with Jill's family.

There wasn't too much snow at the cabin.

But a short drive up the mountain, and there was plenty of snow.

Ashlynn got to hang out with Grannie Annie while we played in the snow.

A few weeks later, we went to North Carolina to visit my family. Our visit just happened to coincide with the coldest week they've had in about 50 years. And as luck would have it, the girls got sick. But they still enjoyed playing with their cousins, Nana, and Papoo. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera everytime we spent time with Casey, Rachel and their girls. Casey, do you have any pics of the girls playing?

Nana with her two cutest grandkids (just kidding everybody) (but not really;)

Didi and Isaac

Taylor was great with the girls.

Roger's brood

And then on to Puerto Rico where Jill's best friend got married in Rincon, a sleepy surfing town on the west side of the Island. It was pretty surreal going from the teens in N.C. to 80-degree weather in P.R. Let's just say it did wonders for the girls' colds.

Sadie had the pool all to herself most of the time.
That hair just never goes down. It's hilarious.

Hot mama!

Ann flew out to help with the girls while we were at the wedding. Thanks Ann!

"Hey, what are you looking at, buster!"
Jill's teammates

Rachel and Chris. Congrats!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Getting Very Close...

We have been out of our house for nearly 4 months. We were hoping to move back in this weekend, but that didn't work out. I am optimistic that we will move in next weekend. We'll see. Jill's parents have been incredible, letting us stay with them for the past four months. Thank you, Scott and Ann.

During the time that we've been gone, I have not done a single post. A lot has happened over the last few months. I'm not going to try to catch up all at once. But I will try to do several posts over the next week or so to hit the highlights. We'll start with Christmas.

The girls had lots of chances to tell Santa what they wanted for Christmas. It seemed like he visited our little community quite a few times in the weeks before Christmas. (Don't be fooled by Sadie's face in the pics. She loves Santa. She just hasn't gotten the whole "smile" thing down yet.)

Jill also got to dress them in lots of cute christmas clothes.

We got to spend time with Jill's family

And presents.