Sunday, August 17, 2008

I thought this was hilarious. The resemblance is eerie.


This past month has been very hectic, which is why I haven't posted anything in a while. Last week, however, we finally got away for a few days. Every year, Jill's dad, his brothers and their families get together in Laguna Beach for a family vacation/reunion. It was definitely nice to relax for a few days. Here are a few pics. Video to come later.

We found out that Sadie likes having her legs buried in the sand.

She also likes to pour sand on her head.

Fun in the pool.

Our deck had a pretty nice view. Sadie doesn't seem too impressed with daddy's haircut.

All tuckered out. She slept better at Laguna than she does at home. I guess the beach is a good way to wear the little ones out.