Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Picture post update

We have been having a fun and busy summer. In the past couple of weeks, we celebrated Sadie's second birthday, went to the water carnival at the rec department, visited the zoo, and hung out at the beach. Here are some pictures of our summer. Warning--this is easily the longest post I've ever done.

The Birthday Girl

Mom, she loved your presents...

...especially the princess couch/bed. As soon as she got it,
she gathered a bunch of her toys and took a little cat nap.

Sadie's grammie has been taking her to swimming lessons this summer,
and it's paying off
just give her a little push,
and off she goes

the new elephant odyssey at the san diego zoo

she liked the panda bears

This is Sadie's frown face...your guess is as good as mine.
Her favorite thing at the zoo may have been the carousel.

I know I've said it before, but she just loves the beach.

Look how big she's getting!
Have I mentioned she's taking piano lessons?
Ok, no she's not. But she does make some very pretty "music."

Silly girls!