Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Sadie's 6th B-day Part-aaaay

Our eldest baby girl turned six.  Crazy, yet awesome.  Six is a good age, and Sadie is a good girl.  She is fairly independent, but still needs hugs pretty regularly.  She's big enough to shoot baskets with me on an 8-foot hoop, but small enough to think that dunking on that hoop is a big deal.  She understands enough that Jill and I have to be careful what we say around her, but she can't spell fast enough to understand words when we spell them out.  She looks out for her little sisters, but sometimes she can be a little bossy. Or a tattletale.  She can read chapter books on her own, but she still likes it best when mommy and daddy read to her.  She makes her bed in the morning and says things like "I love doing chores!"  (Perhaps my proudest moment as a parent.)  She is thoughtful and sweet and shy and wonderful.  We all love her very much. 

Last week we had a birtthday party for her. 

The entrance.
Sadie has started posing for her pictures.
Rapunzel made a guest appearance.

She was a pretty big hit.

The girls did crafts.

There was a Rapunzel jumper.

I manned the Rapunzel pinata.

Hey, hey, it's Sam.

And Ashlynn.

Brooke showed off her newest skill - blowing spit bubbles.

Kim contemplated the mysteries of the universe...

...or maybe she was wondering how she got stuck at the kids' table.

There were princess cupcakes.

Parker liked the cupcakes.

So did Brooke.

 Everyone loved the cupcakes.
A big shout out to Barbara, Ann and Jill, who all put a lot of time and effort into making this a memorable party for our Sadie-bug.


Friday, July 5, 2013

Happy 4th!!

Big Mouth Brooke

She started doing this a couple of weeks ago. Now she does it all the time. Goofy kid.