Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Lots o' Videos

As you may have noticed from some of these posts, Sadie is a messy eater. She always leaves us plenty to clean up. Tonight, she had just gotten out of her bath and was chewing on a beanie that she'd grabbed, when she saw me wiping up the floor. She came over, and started wiping in the same spot with her beanie.

She's been doing lots of little random, cute things like that lately. We've gotten some of them (ok, a lot of them) on video, but I just hadn't gotten around to downloading and editing them. I finally did that yesterday. Here they are.

This is probably my favorite thing she started doing in the past couple of weeks. She charges blankets like a bull charging a matador's cape. It's hilarious.

She also likes to stick the blankets on her head. We don't let her do this anymore. She's had a couple of hard falls. She bit her tongue when I was watching her alone one night. Kind of freaked me out to see blood coming out of her mouth. I think it also freaked Jill out when I called with Sadie screaming in the background and told her that she was bleeding. Luckily, the bleeding stopped within a couple of minutes. But the second time it happened, we stopped letting her do this.

The doctor told us to give Sadie whole milk instead of formula. Sadie--she's got other ideas.

She did this for about 20 minutes one night.

It's fun letting her chase you.

It's also a lot of fun to take her to the beach. She loves getting in the water.

Bath time is always fun.

Sadie is her own biggest fan.

She'll dance to anything--even the washing machine.

Mom, she really likes her puppy. She dances to him to, but everytime we try to get it on video, she stops. We'll get her eventually.

And of course, eating.

The cake never stood a chance.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

4th of July and some cute pictures

We stayed pretty close to home for the 4th. In the morning, we went to our church breakfast and then watched the Coronado parade. After that, we spent the rest of the day relaxing at Jill's parents' house.

4th of July baby

No, she's not pooping. It's just one of the funny little things she does these days.

Watching the parade

We found out Sadie likes blueberries...

a lot.


Sadie turned one on Monday. It's pretty wild to think back on the past year and how much our lives have changed and especially how much she has grown and developed. The first year is really incredible. Those first few months, she couldn't really do anything. She just ate, pooped and slept. We were so excited when she rolled over. Then she sat up, and it was the coolest thing anyone had ever done. Pretty soon, she was crawling, and I couldn't figure out how it didn't hurt her knees to crawl around on our hard floors. But it clearly didn't, because she crawled all over the place. When she started walking a couple months earlier than baby-centersaid she would, we were convinced our daughter was a prodigy. While we now know that its not that unusual for a baby to walk at nine months, we still think our Sadie is pretty special. One things for certain--she is a cutie-pie. Here's the proof:

She didn't know what to make of her cake at first

but she quickly decided

that she really, really liked it.

"I really, really like this cake!"

"See, I told you it was really good."

Time for presents!

Here's the kitchen set that she loves...

and here's her singing puppy. She wasn't sure what to make of him at first either,

but she quickly decided he was pretty cool. That's her, "he's pretty cool" face. Promise.