Sunday, June 19, 2011

Video dump

Since I got my android, I've been taking a lot more videos of the girls. The phone actually takes pretty decent video, and I've always got it on me, so it makes taking videos a lot easier. Here are some videos I've taken in the last month:

Sadie and Ashlynn are so sweet to Brooke. This video is of Sadie making sure Brooke is comfortable. Ashlynn does the same thing. Though with Ashlynn, I can't take videos because I have to make sure she doesn't accidentally smother Brooke.

We love taking the girls to the park. At home, they fight a lot over toys. But at the park, they usually play pretty well together.

Maybe this isn't impressive, but we were impressed that Ashlynn could swing on the big kid swing without falling off. (She's saying cheese because she thinks I'm taking a picture.)

Before Sadie's recital, Jill and Aunt Kim tried to help her practice. My favorite part of this video is probably watching Ashlynn, who knows some of the moves better than Sadie.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sadie's Recital

What a difference a year makes. The last time Sadie did a "recital," she got stage fright and didn't move the entire time. Here's the video. Even though I've posted it before, it's a family classic and worthy of another post.

This year Sadie did quite a bit better. Still, Jill and I suspect that dancing might not be Sadie's calling in life. Also, the other day, my mom asked me if Sadie was still obsessed with Thomas the Tank Engine. Well, guess what that is she hands to her teacher at the start. We didn't even know she had it. She somehow snuck it up there. Sneaky bugger. (The camera work is a bit shaky in some spots. Sorry about that.)

And here are a couple of pics of Sadie in her outfit.

Sadie or Brooke

Maybe all kids just look alike, but it seems to us that Sadie and Brooke looked quite similar when they were kids. Can you tell who is who?